Why Strata Corporations Rely On Pemberton Holmes

We are committed to offering professionally sound guidance, clear and concise communication, and extend support to Strata Councils for smooth operational effectiveness of their Strata Corporations. Our Strata Agents have a combined experience of over 25 years, specifically in the Strata Management field, and have a proven efficient and client-focused property management division on Vancouver Island.

Our Services

  • Collaborate with the Strata Council and liaise with owners to ensure peace, harmony, and create a community environment within the complex.
  • Attend all Strata Council meetings, annual and special general meetings, as desired by the Strata.
  • Provide 24-hour emergency response phone line for owners
  • Coordinate building and grounds maintenance according to the operating budget and Strata Council instruction.
  • Screen, qualify, and hire independent contractors in obtaining competitive proposals for servicing the property under the Strata Council's direction.
  • Prepare and file appropriate forms under the Strata Property Act, such as Form Bs, Fs, and tenant Form Ks.
  • Assist the Strata Council in preparation and enforcement of Strata Corporation bylaws and rules in accordance with the Strata Property Act.
  • Ensure compliance to Corporation bylaws and rules of all owners of the Strata Corporation at the direction of the Strata Council.
  • Maintain the Strata Corporation’s records in accordance with the Strata Property Act.
  • Perform all accounting functions in accordance with the Strata Property Act on a cash basis.
  • Collect and deposit monthly strata fee payments, and pay monthly expenses.
  • Maintain, record, and collect additional charges such as parking, fines, arrears, and other applicable chargebacks, should they apply.
  • Maintain separate trust bank operating accounts for each Strata Corporation managed.
  • Manage interest-earning account for contingency reserve funds (CRF) to maximize earning potential in a risk-free environment, and assist with longer-term investment planning.
  • Prepare a proposed budget at the end of the fiscal year, as well as special resolutions as they may relate to bylaw amendments and funding capital expense projects.
  • Perform additional duties as required to efficiently and effectively manage the Strata Corporation.